Who we are

Jemima Foxtrot is a writer, performer and theatre-maker from Yorkshire. Jemima set up Kindreds in 2020 to provide support through creativity for fellow survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Jemima says: “Creativity has always been a vital tool for me in navigating my experience of childhood sexual abuse, grappling with difficult memories and healing from my trauma. I wanted to start Kindreds to provide a place where survivors of childhood sexual abuse could connect and support each other creatively.

Wilma Stone is an artist and filmmaker based in London.

Wilma says: “I’m excited to be a part of this co-creative experiment, to discover what emerges in our digital encounters and what future possibilities arise by us joining together in this way. I’ve always used my creative abilities to process the silence, shame and stigma of CSA. I believe this creative forum offers a unique opportunity to form a liberating space through which to rethink, reposition and restore ourselves in the world.”

Madhu Kans is an artist, poet and teacher and has lived in Japan, China, Mexico and Canada. Currently in Kent, UK.

Madhu says: “I am a creative person and am exploring how art, origami, dance, writing, can help alleviate the trauma and depression of childhood sexual abuse. I’m hoping to gain some healing and clarity with shared survivors.”

Elspeth Wilson is a writer and facilitator with a background in Gender Studies and Public Health. Much of their work focuses on the question of how we live in our bodies and hopes to expand the various possible answers.

Elspeth says: “Exploring trauma through writing has helped me to survive, grow and discover more about myself. Having a community of survivors is so important to me because it provides an opportunity for healing and understanding in a place where there is no pressure to explain or justify yourself.”

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